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About us

Rokka Multimedia is a creative production company dedicated to film, advertising and full production services.

Since its foundation, Rokka Multimedia has completed numerous advertising productions, collaborating with leading production companies, agencies, brands and artists across the audiovisual market.

Our vanguard team includes film-, art- and creative directors and cinematographers, as well as writers, editors, colourists, 3D, FX, Vfx, 360° film-makers, photographers, programmers, designers and specialists in global markets.

We create audiovisual content for multi-platforms (film, tv, web and mobile), feature films, short films, documentaries, video clips, 360° films, fashion and advertising campaigns.

Our company also provides support for the entire production process across pre-production, production and post-production; including rental services for audiovisual equipment, photo and video studios, editing rooms, casting sessions, photo shoots, CGI / 3D, transportation, legal services and catering.

One can steal ideas but no one can steal execution or passion.

We simply make things and help other to make things.

We provide film production and location services for film, television, commercials and corporate video productions. We support out-of-town and international producers and production companies on their shoots in Bucharest, Brasov and Romania. The Production Service is a specialized film and television production service provider based in Victoriei Square, in the heart of downtown Bucharest.

We have provided services and support for projects – feature films and documentaries, commercials, corporate videos, photo shoots, reality tv and Game Shows, and more.

We find the best solutions for every budget and adapt to clients needs and preferences, while aiming to make your stay and shoot in Bucharest and Romania a happy and memorable one.

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